For the Love of Nub!

Nub Approved   •   Slobber Proof   •   Style with Purpose

Welcome to Nub & Sun! Home of slobber proof and Nub approved apparel.

What started out as a love for boxers and the desire to help other Nubs find their way into people’s hearts, tuned into a full blown brand!

Gear up, head out, and bring your Nub to the party.  

How Nub&Sun Supports Our Nubs

Who Gives a Nub?

WE do! And for those of us with a four legged companion, you know why. The reality is that it costs money to support the rescues and shelters who provide care and resources for the Nubs who need a forever home. 15% of all sales generated by Nub & Sun go to the directed rescue or shelter at checkout. 

Know that when you are wearing Nub & Sun, you’re wearing your part in helping other Nubs in need. 

If your shelter or rescue is ready to become part of the Nub Nation, and you don’t see them listed, send us a request, and we’ll add them in!

Every Story has a Beginning
Whats Up With the Nub?

Nub & Sun started right here. Well, actually on the floor. It was Sadie’s birthday, and during the humiliation of party hats and forced family pictures, we realized how fortunate we were to have them in our lives. Our “Nubs”. And in that same breath, how many were not as fortunate.

So the idea was born to come up with a way that we could support other Nubs across the nation and bring about awareness and a whole lot of pride. With a little creativity, inspiration, and the artistic talents of some old man, Nub & Sun went from an idea, to a reality.