Captain Nub Shirts

Modeled after Captain Blackbeard’s flag, this North Carolina relic will make a great accessory as you and your nub terrorize the neighborhood, licking and wagging your way to their plunder! And it just looks kinda cool too.

Active Slobber Wear

It might not be the most attractive part of working out or being outdoors, but getting dirty doesn’t mean you have to give up looking good while doing it.

Rumson's Nub Approved Rum

We all have those moments, where we need a “little something” to get through the moment! Rumsons does the trick! And its Nub Approved.

Welcome the the family

Nub & Sun wants to welcome Delilah to the family. We were a little short handed, so Delilah entered our home and our hearts. More to come from the new Nub & Sun ambassador. If you want to send us your story, maybe there will be some free swag in it for you! 🙂

Nub & Sun was born from a desire to blend two passions, being outdoors, and the love for boxers. For those of us that are fortunate enough to have the connection, Nub & Sun offers your NUB swag that will take on the slobber and still make you look cool while doing it.

Think of Nub & Sun as swag with a purpose. Offering quality clothing and accessories that accessorize a dog lovers wardrobe, and give a portion of the proceeds to support local animal shelter and rescue groups.

15% of all profits go to support these efforts.

Join the Party!

Its hard for those of us with Four Legged family members to think of life without them. Regardless of the breed or disposition, NUB & SUN wants to do our part in enriching the lives of others. Our way of doing it is coming up with creative ways to express a passion for our dogs, “Our Nubs” , and including them in our daily lives. Throw on some NUB Swag, support the cause, and know that you are  part of the “NUB CLUB” when you wear Nub & Sun!

Selection @ checkout

Boxer rescues 90%
Local Shelters 9%
Other 1%

Supporting the Mission

Nub & Sun may have been born in the Carolina’s, but that doesn’t mean “Ya’ll” can’t participate wherever you are from. If your interested in helping NUB’s in your neck of the woods, then push the button below to see how we can support your mission or become part of the Nub & Sun family.